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We are an experienced professional team and passionate about helping people who are in need, bringing healthcare where it's needed.

Dr. Hadia Aslam


Hadia is a General Practitioner from the UK with a special interest in aid medicine and youth work. She founded Health point in France in September 2015. Hadia finds languages and culture highly interesting.

Dr. Ola Hassan

Dental Lead.
Board Member.

Ola Hassan has a special place in her heart for this work. At age three she herself moved to the UK as a refugee. She graduated from the Leeds Dental Institute; University of Leeds in England.

Dr. Maniza Malook

Education Lead.
Board Member.

Maniza graduated from Leeds Medical School, UK, and also completed an intercalated Bachelors honours degree in Pharmacology. She is a General Practitioner, and has been working at a hospice periodically, practicing palliative medicine.

Maniza has always had a keen interest in teaching and education and currently applying this passion by leading the group to provide health education to refugees and volunteers in Greece.

Dr. Romana Mughal

Secretary of the Board Marketing.
Board Member.

'Giving back' is a motto close to Romana's heart. A supporter of people development, Romana is keen to identify opportunities for people. With a background in research and education she is currently acting Trustee and Secretary of Board for HPF.

Dr. Ansar Mahmood

Supply Manager.

Ansar graduated from the Leeds Dental Institute in 2012. Having volunteered his time and skills in April 2016, he is very aware of the situation on the ground and the continued need for help and support to ensure Health Point Foundation can continue to run successfully and achieve its mission which is to help the displaced and vulnerable refugees in this humanitarian crisis.

Dr. Taiyub Raja

Project Manager.

Taiyub’s involvement with HPF stems from a desire to help others.
He is a specialist in orthodontics having completed his dental degree at the University of Sheffield, and later attained his specialist qualification at Leeds Dental Institute and St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford, UK.
He is happy to assist our volunteers in any way possible.

Waheeda Abbasi

Treasurer of the Board Fundraising.
Board Member.

Graduated with a bachelor of arts and science from George Mason University, Virginia, USA. She came across from the states to work in greece, along with a group of translators, to facilitate effective medical and non medical aid for the refugees.

Haider Al-Saffar

Graphics and Website Lead.

Dentist/Pharmacist by trade, but has interest in graphics and web development.

Support Team

We are proud of our passionate support team, helping from all over the world!
Ahmad Abd El Ghani
Ahmed Zaki Al-Saleh
Nausheen Siddiqui
Zainebe Al-Mayyah
Iman Yousufali

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