Health-Point Foundation

is a grassroots, NGO, non-profit, volunteer run relief organisation

which was set up for the provision of medical, dental and educational services to displaced individuals regardless of religion, race and nationality. The vision of HPF is to fulfil the needs of those who have fled war and poverty, whilst maintaining the dignity of these individuals. Project team members always treat their patients as fellow equals. HPF aims to go, where the needs are.

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100% of your donations go to support the current dental and educational projects and we’re transparent about it.

July 2016-Dec 2017 we aided





Ranging from ages 9 months-72 years


Silver and white fillings


Temporary fillings




Nerve Treatment




Prescription of pain killers


Donated Care.
Current Project

Dental-Point Project

Currently our mission is for the Dental-Point Project to deliver a much needed service to the refugee families. HPF has set up a dental unit, and the first of its kind for the camps across Northern Greece to provide refugees access to dental emergency care.

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Education-Point Project

Dr. Maniza Malook is leading the Education- Point Project. Through this project, Dr. Malook wants to encourage junior doctors and medical students to gain valuable experience within the field of medical relief work.

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Dental-Point Project

Dr. Ola Hassan is the dental lead for all of our Dental-Point Projects

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A helping hand...

Will cover consumables regularly needed by dental clinicians.

Will purchase a tube of fluoride varnish helping to prevent dental diseases in up to 100 children.

Will cover local anesthetic and medications for up to 100 treatments.

Will cover dental filling material for up to 50 treatments.

Will help cover costs of maintaining our portable dental units and other equipments.

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