Education-Point Project

Dr. Maniza Malook is leading the Education- Point Project since December 2015.

This project started when Dr Malook worked in the HPF medical facility and supported junior doctors including medical students and foundation trainee doctors in assessing and managing patients from the surrounding refugee camps. This in turn allowed junior doctors and medical student to gain valuable experience in a supportive environment. Educational meetings held under this project include basic emergency response training and common presentations management such as hypothermia as well as basic life support training. These sessions were delivered to both medical and non-medical volunteers.

HPF also had created transcriptions with basic medical and dental terminology to be used in clinic and bridge communication gap and facilitate effective relief efforts in the following languages: Dari, Arabic, Pashtu and Urdu.

As part of this project we have recognized the importance of psychological support for volunteers given the emotional as well as physical and mental challenges of this work. Hence, at the field hospital we had a ‘staff mess’ where the medical team could go for some ‘time-out’ during a hectic shift. There were also relaxation services with a physiotherapist for patients and staff to help unwind. We have held workshops and group sessions on a range of topics in Idomeni and Athens for volunteers to reflect on and discuss sensitive yet important topics such as burn out, house-keeping, relationships with refugees; ethics and boundaries as well as child protection issues in the camps.

Dr Malook is currently focusing on providing education sessions to children and adults on Oral hygiene to compliment the dental relief efforts given the diet in the camps is less than ideal and the stress levels are high leading to excessive smoking and the increased risk of oral disease. There are also ongoing BLS sessions for refugee population and the potential to deliver further medical education sessions on topics such as women’s health.
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