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Dr. Ola Hassan is the dental lead for all of our Dental-Point Projects: Ola started her journey with a Canadian based charity Global Kindness Foundation, in 2013 visiting war-torn Iraq for the first time to treat some of the most vulnerable orphans affected by war and poverty.

Under Ola’s direction supported by project manager Taiyub, we carry out mobile and static dental relief work across numerous sites. Our relief services are currently active in the Greek refugee camps north of the country as well as other areas where refugees have been relocated such as hotels and empty apartment buildings. Our outreach volunteer program that was developed for camps or residential locations further away from our base has allowed further access to this much needed service.

The static and outreach dental sessions provided by the foundation is the first of it’s kind in Northern Greece. Our medical colleagues from various NGOs saw a great need for emergency dental care and requested from our team to set up a dental emergency access centre.

We aim to continue to run this project as safely and effectively as we can to aid adults and children suffering from severe dental pain as well as dental and oral infections. We wish to make access to dental care across Greece more accessible for refugees. Dental care is not a luxury, it is a necessity for overall good health and well-being.

WE go where the need is.
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